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Physical Rehabilitation

Physical RehabilitationGet Back into Your Own Rhythm- Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Chiropractic rehabilitation is a simple process and may be the right option for you. There’s a vast list of benefits provided by chiropractic rehabilitation, including muscle endurance, better stability, motor control, improved strength, stress relief, and pain relief.

Have you ever exercised over a period of time and noticed positive results such as increased endurance, improved mobility? Often, Doctors may implement an exercise regimen to help relieve your random aches and pains. Such exercise regimens are all forms of physical rehabilitation. Not sure what forms are most successful? How do you rightfully go about healing yourself without risking more pain? Maybe Chiropractic Rehabilitation is right for you.

Chiropractic rehabilitation combines the benefits of musculoskeletal manipulation (passive care) and exercise (active care). This combination is necessary and useful for full physical rehabilitation. The locomotor system controls motion and stability; it incorporates the use of the nervous system, the articular ligamentous (ligaments connected to the skeletal structure of joints), and the muscular system. Without cooperation within the locomotor system we are limited in health and mobility. The activities we once enjoyed become a difficult task. Decreased mobility can lead to negative effects on not only the body but also the mind.

It doesn’t take much thought to realize there is a connection between mental and physical ailments. Psychosomatic problems can arise with physical problems. Anxiety and fear of pain can further agitate a condition rather than an actual physical complication. Chiropractic rehabilitation not only offers passive and active care but also mental care and stress management.

There are many useful techniques to go about improving motor control, muscle pain, or strength impairments. A good example of a successful chiropractic rehabilitation technique is Isometric Relaxation, or Isometric Exercise. This is like a medical form of yoga, and just might be more relaxing (hence the Isometric ‘Relaxation’). It is done by gently stretching the troubled muscle to the end of its resistance barrier. If you move beyond the resistance barrier, a reflex is triggered. Instead of relaxing, the muscle will tense up and become uncomfortable. Isometric Relaxation is based on stretching just enough to not trigger this reflex, and just enough to provide pain relieving benefits.

Call one of our Chiropractor offices in West Volusia or our Chiropractic Office in Daytona Beach for more information to see how we can help you heal in a not-so-painful way. It’s a cost-effective form of healthcare that can help you get back into your own rhythm of life again.

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