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Chiropractic AdjustmentA Successful Solution to Back Pain

Back problems are a growing epidemic. You may be experiencing pain but are unfamiliar with this topic, but let me inform you. There are thousands of spinal injuries per year in the U.S. alone. At some point in your life regardless if you’re a ballet dancer with perfect posture or a pro-gamer who slumps all day in front of a computer, you’re going to have to cross this bridge. What will you do when you get to it?

Chiropractic adjustment has been a therapeutic practice since the 19th century. You may have seen these techniques being used by characters on TV for humor, or perhaps you’ve even tried it yourself by walking on your friend’s back. So, how much of this really works and how? A chiropractic adjustment is a form of musculoskeletal manipulation that is performed with the purpose is realignment of any misaligned joints or vertebrae. Most of this is done by a quick, yet perfectly positioned thrusts by hand. The general term for this is called the HVLA (high velocity low amplitude) thrust. Some different techniques, methods, and positions are the Lumbar Roll (when one lies on their side), Table Adjustments (when one lies on a table where segments of the table will drop as the thrust is applied), and Instrument Adjustments (a gentle technique that uses a specific instrument rather than hands).

It’s only reasonable if you’re worried about the safety of this. It’s a common concern of patients when any work is done on their injured back. There are many chiropractic techniques that may be more relaxing. Some don’t even require thrusting if you’re not comfortable with it. For example, Active Release Techniques are based on the massage of soft tissue such as muscles and nerves.

The effects of chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation are extremely beneficial, some would even call it “revolutionary”. You could almost call it the new yoga. Benefits include lowered stress levels, reduced muscle tension in the neck and back, relieved pain, increased joint motion, and better overall health. Clinical trials are being conducted to better explore the benefits of chiropractic. The cons of this practice are of course risk of injury and possible pain in the head (headache), fatigue, or discomfort.

Whether you decide on visiting one of our local chiropractors in the Daytona Beach Chiropractic office, or you decide on an alternate solution to your back pain, what matters is that your discomfort is being taken care of. Chiropractic care has been proven to be a reliable, safe solution. Back pain doesn’t have to be a chronic long-term issue. Fortunately, now you know when you cross that bridge, you’ll have options.

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