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Why Chiropractic

38153348_lWhy Choose Chiropractic Care


If you suffer from chronic pain, Chiropractic Care is a great solution that will allow you to lead a more comfortable life. We offers Chiropractic Care in Daytona Beach & Orange City, FL.    Our methods of care include natural healing & is often chosen by those seeking relief for acute and chronic conditions.


We invite you to visit our chiropractor office for an evaluation.  We will discuss your options when it comes to relieving pain in the lower back or to treat other conditions such as sciatica, neck pain, whiplash or constant headaches. Our Chiropractor will evaluation you as a whole person and not the just the areas where you feel pain. We have two offices two better serve you.  We invite you to make an appointment at our Orange City Chiropractic Office or our Daytona Beach Chiropractor Clinic. We will work with you to ensure your optimal health and wellness.


Chiropractic Care Methods activates body’s natural ability to heal


Our trained Chiropractors recognize that many factors come into play that affect your health. These factors include exercise, balanced nutrition, correct sleeping amounts, work environment and family heredity. The use of chiropractic care focuses on maintaining a balanced health naturally which in turn helps your body ward off disease and other negative health effects.


Start first with a thorough evaluation


When you first visit one of Chiropractic Doctors, you will be fully evaluated using a variety of methods. During your initial consultation, we will review your case history, undergo a physical examination and take X-rays. In addition, you will receive a thorough chiropractic structural examination where special attention is given to your overall spine health.


Chiropractic Care is non-surgical


Here at Modern Health, we use a broad range of techniques to locate, analyze and gently reset vertebral misalignments or subluxations in your spine. Our Chiropractors may use one of the following methods to correct any subluxations such as performing manual adjustment, electrical muscular stimulation, ultrasound or massage.

Our Offices

Orange City Chiropractic Office

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Daytona Beach Chiropractor Office

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Hours:- 9:00am – 5:00pm
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