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Knee-PainKnee Pain Problems: The Chiropractic Solution

This page is for all the athletes and runners who have ran their hearts out (or perhaps we should say, ran their knees out). To some, there is nothing better than waking up early and going for a brisk morning run as the sun rises and experiencing everything else waking up around you. For some, this experience does however comes at a premium cost. Why must all the good things come with a price tag? Even if you’re not a runner, you may have developed knee pain. If so, this article still pertains to you.

You may be wondering what are common ways knee pain can be treated without surgery or the ongoing use of medications. If you’ve asked yourself this question before, the answer for relief may be waiting for you at our local West Volusia or Daytona Beach Chiropractors office.

What can we offer, or what are the available treatments for Knee Pain?

  • Changes in lifestyle and environmental aggravators.
  • Cold therapy (the use of cold stimulus to treat inflammation and pain)
  • Sports tape, or special chiropractic therapy called The Kinesio Taping Method
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Chiropractic manipulation techniques to improve function
  • Trigger-point therapy (deep tissue massage)

If you find minimal relief after basic treatments, you may need to take to the next level. Chiropractic Knee Injury rehabilitation is an effective form of physical therapy. This includes specialized exercises and stretches combined with appropriate chiropractic adjustments. The benefits may include improved strength, endurance, and stability within the joints and affected muscles.

There is nothing our expert chiropractors miss. Before treatment we inspect all anatomical parts of the leg to correctly diagnose the problem. The knee is a place where pain transference can occur- for example, if the problem actually exists in your ankle it can be felt in the knee instead. This is called “referred pain”. Prior to treatment, we may treat other affected parts of the leg, thus completely eliminating any loose ends. So, runners and other knee pain sufferers alike, don’t give up on that dream to complete that triathlon just yet. Call us today to discuss your options.

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