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hand-wristStop Carrying All of Those Grocery Bags: Chiropractic Hand Adjustment

After grocery shopping, a lot of are guilty of loading as many bags as possible onto each arm in an attempt to make only one trip into the house. Don’t lie, we know we all do this. As you come home from walking all over the store, it’s easier to spend less time unloading bags, but have you ever thought what this does to your hands? Once you let go of what seems to be a 50 pound bunch of bags, do your fingers feel sore or stiff for the next few minutes? Let’s explore into the damages your hands/wrists can sustain from daily activities and how simple chiropractic adjustments from our skilled Daytona Beach Chiropractor can help you.

We use our hands for everything from typing, cooking, interacting, holding and writing. The function of our hands is extremely versatile, with 27 bones in all, being held together by small ligaments and muscles. Misalignment or misuse of the hands can result in a multitude of problems including carpal tunnel syndrome. We have 8 carpal bones, one main nerve, and 9 tendons that all make up the carpal tunnel in our hands (this connects to the wrist, as well). Carpal tunnel syndrome is the misalignment of the carpal tunnel bones that put pressure on the main nerve. This can result in the following symptoms in your hand:

  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Numbness
  • Stiffness
  • Temporary inability to use the hand

It may seem weird to think of needing chiropractic adjustments for the hands and wrists. Even though it’s not as well known, it’s almost as needed as spinal chiropractic adjustments. Just like individual doctors that care for the different specific parts of the body, there are chiropractors for to handle the different parts of the musculoskeletal structure.

Other hand problems that result from misalignments in the hands are Ulnar Nerve Entrapment (pinched Ulnar nerve, unlike Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which involves the median Nerve), mild to chronic pain in the wrist, pain in the thumb, arthritis (inflammation of the joints), sprains, tendinitis, shoulder pain, and ganglion Cysts (synovial cysts). All of these problems can be treated or even permanently healed by our expert Chiropractors at Daytona Beach Chiropractic Office. Our chiropractic adjustments are an easy, pain free alternative to prescribed drugs and/or surgery.

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